You’re always selling

While the word “selling” might denote a negative connotation (invoke a negative perception/response/reaction), much of what investment industry professionals are doing is selling. You’re “selling” your expertise, knowledge and recommendations as well as your firm’s resources. You’re earning trust with your clients and peers.

This course covers sales fundamentals, including how you can develop a process to engage with clients, prospects and co-workers. It covers client experience, communication with your audience in mind ( what are their goals, interests and risk aversions?) Participants will gain confidence in ascertaining client’s goals, handling objections and getting to mutual agreement on the way forward. That’s sales.

Learning Objectives

  • Brainstorming your desired client experience
  • Communications - probing, listening, ensuring you understand, recommending, handling objections, gaining commitment, following up
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Honing your pitch
  • Tips to set goals, stay accountable, measure your impact
  • Best ways to integrate data
Price: $75.00