Delivering Open and Honest Feedback

Effective coaching and performance management hinges on providing open and honest feedback that relates directly to certain behaviors, actions and situations.

Would you rather hear “nice job” from your manager or “You did a great job delivering an outstanding customer experience when you helped your client work through that X, Y, Z issue. Not only did you find a solution to their problem, you also demonstrated great teamwork and showcased our firm’s prowess by bringing in A, B, C experts. Nicely done.”

Likewise, when something doesn’t work out, would you rather hear “Better luck next time” or receive specific feedback on how you might have changed the outcome by adjusting specific behaviors, tactics, communications or approaches?

Specificity is the key to providing valuable input and feedback - positive as well as constructive criticism.

This workshop primarily focuses on ways you can provide effective constructive feedback to your team.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the best time, place and delivery methods for feedback
  • The importance of planning to deliver constructive criticism
  • Appreciate the importance of two-way communications - how messages are conveyed and perceptions that can arise
  • Know the importance of goal-setting, accountability and measuring/communicating on an ongoing basis
  • Ways to follow-up after any conversation
Price: $75.00