Can’t we all just get along?

Picture a world where everyone has a megaphone, many have an agenda, most are passionate about their beliefs, but few stop to think about the impact of their words before speaking, shouting or posting. Frightening? Familiar?

This workshop addresses civility in the workplace and ways organizations can systemize it. While a program on courtesy might sound too elementary, it’s critical because basic courtesy is too often missing in today’s interactions.

In fact, the United Nations announced in 2019 that the World Civility Index would be a part of their Sustainable Development Goals. This index is designed to be implemented as a tool for employers and organizations around the world to create a system of consistent measurements of soft skills that are related to civility.

The lack of civility is clearly a global challenge. As leaders, you can help ensure civility is the standard by which your team operates.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of civility and the risks when it’s lacking/missing
  • Appreciation of ways to foster empathy, understanding, and forgiveness
  • Learn techniques to facilitate conflict resolution and encourage positive communications
  • Procedures for standardizing civil behavior in the workplace
Price: $75.00